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The British Woodworking Federation has launched an accreditation scheme to tackle the significant issues that have been identified in the stair market.

The BWF warned that a lack of understanding of the technical requirements for stairs within the construction industry could lead to real dangers for building occupants. The new Scheme’s technical criteria have been developed with the forthcoming European harmonised standard for stairs and the eventual requirement for CE marking in mind and in anticipation that these will be reflected in Amendments to Approved Document K. Stairs will be accredited to three levels – Single Occupancy Use: Domestic Stairs, Multiple Occupancy: Common Flight Stair and Fire Protected Stairs.

Every stair manufactured by a company accredited by the new Scheme will be traceable by a disc, applied in designated positions and only available from the BWF, identifying the level of accreditation or certification, with a unique serial number and the manufacturing company’s contact details. Records of labelled stairs will be kept for a minimum of 10 years.

Stairs must comply with Building Regulations, but verification post-installation that a stair meets required standards, particularly load bearing and deflection, is very difficult to assess. This scheme will contribute to building safety, differentiate well-made and design-tested stairs through labelling and thereby assist Building Control inspections.

Paul Everall, Chief Executive of LABC has said, “This scheme will considerably assist building control surveyors in satisfying themselves that the requirements of the Building Regulations have been met."

We have been audited and accepted into this scheme, labels will start to be applied in the next few weeks, for more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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