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Terms Used:
If you need an explanation of any terminology used on this site please call one of the team for clarification. General staircase terminology is included in a number of documents produced by BSI






We endeavour to keep up to date with ever changing legislation, for access to current building regulations access building regulations or current BSI standards.






In cases where the stair is free standing or structural support required loadings should be calculated by, a qualified engineer.


sketch of curved stair





Layout drawings are provided with a confirmation of order and specification sheets showing components/ materials to be used in your stair. These also give information on the opening size, floor height, etc, production does not start until the information has been checked and signed off.

Any drawings provided by us are for information and production of the staircase. If you need detailed plans we recommend that a professional is engaged for an architect.

We draw some jobs using Caddie and can receive drawings generated in other CAD systems.






A copy of our environmental and waste policy is available on request.

Timber source
We rely on our reputable suppliers to check that all our timber is sourced from sustainable forests.






Our responsibility
During the site survey dimensions will be taken of the area where the stair will be positioned. This information will be shown in order confirmations. An architects’ drawing will be requested for complex or unclear situations.

Your responsibility
We ask you to check the details to ensure your instructions have been understood correctly. The opening size is generated from the stair dimensions, this may be different to what you are expecting and adjustments may be necessary.

If you are providing the dimensions it is important when measuring the height that the final floor finishes are taken into consideration.

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